SamHenry’s Picks for Cheap Saturday Night Flicks

Posted on November 19, 2010


Last week went fast. Here we are again at another weekend thinking about another movie to help get us prepped for the holidays.  Forget all of the classic holiday stuff.  How about a hard-hitting detective story?

Love Kenneth Branagh?  If you do, here is something really special.  Last season on PBS he starred in a series called Wallander.

Read all about it and watch one of the episodes (three are available) at here.

Let’s keep this murder mystery movement going.  How about Grace Kelly in Dial M for Murder? That’s a Hitchcock classic and it’s in the $2.99 price group at Amazon.  Check out all of the Grace Kelly selections here. In a lighter vein, I recommend High Society among her movies.

Have a great, short work week.  Hey students, be helpful at home.  Everyone stay safe over Thanksgiving and SamHenry’s picks will be back after some turkey.