Dancing With the Stars Studio Receives White Powder

Posted on November 20, 2010

Well either there is a fatwa on DWTS because women contestants are not properly dressed  (lots of leg, etc.) or there is a nut case out there who doesn’t understand basic human psychology.  Someone sent white powder along with a threatening note to the studios of the now popular program.

The white powder turned out to be talc but the content of the note has yet to be revealed.  The FBI is investigating which does not make most of us feel any safer.

Meanwhile speculation is mounting that it has something to do with Bristol Palin.  No matter the “drift” of the letter, viewers out there are under a lot of pressure these days and they may not vote as predicted which is to say the letter may not change anything.  While this is a serious matter, still DWTS’ ratings will go through the roof – especially if it’s a fatwa.

The moral of the story: keep out of it, bud.  Now you’re not only out the cost of the talc and the stamp, if found guilty, you will no doubt spend a substantial amount of time in jail.  At that point, no matter what your sentence, since your residency will be at taxpayer cost, in this fiscal climate you may just find yourself at the end of a rope anyway.

If it is a genuine fatwa, well – SamHenry will take a “powder” on that point. Bye.

The above based on a CNN report.

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