Al Qaeda in Yemen Announce Strategy Change to Target US Economy

Posted on November 21, 2010

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) headquartered in Yemen have announced that the parcel bombs they recently were successful in introducing  into the US transport system would be their future focus.  They confirmed they were targeting the US  economy and their first target would be the Airline Industry.  They needn’t have bothered.  It appears TSA pat downs have seen to that very nicely.

When commercial aircraft were used as weapons during the 9/11 attacks, it was understood that the industry was a primary target.  To underscore their “hit” on the US economy, two of the planes crashed into the iconic twin towers in the heart of the financial district in New York City.

So the target remains the same but the size of the attack has been reduced.  There will be no further spectacular attacks. It is a strategy change.  They have been only somewhat successful in outcome but very successful in cost savings using parcel bombs. Alerted by the Saudis to the plot a few weeks ago, they had authorities in 5 nations chasing down the suspect packages. Here is the text of their most recent threat:

“We are laying out for our enemies our plan in advance because as we stated earlier our objective is not maximum kill but to cause [damage] in the aviation industry, an industry that is so vital for trade and transportation between the US and Europe”.

AQAP said: “Two Nokia mobiles, $150 each, two HP printers, $300 each, plus shipping, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses add up to a total bill of $4,200. We will continue with similar operations and we do not mind at all in this stage if they are intercepted.

“To bring down America we need not strike big.” [English.aljazeera]

Brilliant strategy has always been al Qaeda’s forte.  Now they have seen the value of cost cutting to extend their capabilities.  While the US is busy developing TSA at great expense and now having to bear the cost of extending coverage to UPS and FEDEX, al Qaeda is saving and building a war chest.  They are not the ones with thousands of troops and millions of dollars of equipment bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan.  They and their allies move quickly and quietly from attack point to attack point unencumbered and outnumbered and making headway against us.

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