Bristol Should Leave the Limelight and Find Herself

Posted on November 22, 2010

Bristol Palin has come a long way on Dancing with the Stars.  She has become more graceful, more able to look at herself critically and consider changes and has been better able to hang loose.  But a dancer she is not.  She is also not ready for prime time.  She’s just too young.

Whenever she didn’t feel comfortable about a dance or felt insecure because of lack of experience, she more or less pouted.  It was a normal teen reaction.  Bristol will take awhile to live up to her 20 years.

It’s unfortunate that she keeps getting caught up in her mother’s un-campaign and reality show.  No wonder she was confused about her relationship with her baby’s father, Levi Johnston and her judgment about him slipped.  She hasn’t had time to find out who Bristol is.  She went from being in the national campaign spotlight as a pregnant teen to being a single mother.  She moved to Anchorage and started a life on her own but when the wobble about Levi happened, it was back to Wasilla.

Whatever Mama bear wants to do about the presidency, it would be nice if Bristol could not have her head turned by either Mama or the media  and just went back to school.  That would be the best way to get back to her own life.  She is living at home so there should be help with her baby. It’s the perfect time.  She could even do it via computer.

Bristol is a bright young lady with a darling son.  She needs to think of what she can do for herself and her son and not for Mama Bear.  She has her own followers now and they can wait while she catches up.

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