Sarah Palin Misspeak Alert #1 for Election 2012

Posted on November 24, 2010

Sarah often misspeaks – many of us do. In a recent interview on Glen Beck’s Radio Show, she said North Korea was our ally; she then said we had to protect them because we signed a treaty with them.  What she meant to say was that South Korea was our ally and that in 1953 we signed a treaty with them of mutual defense.  She had the treaty down pat.

This is an improvement for Palin who often got her facts jumbled in 2008 as she learned to handle the national scene.  No longer.  As far as team Palin’s handling of her following fumbles and stumbles, information to asses what had actually happened has been forthcoming much faster.  The misinformation or negative slant of what happened is no longer allowed to stew in its own juices thus effectively taking long discourses on her short comings off the front burner.

Richard Adams of the UK’s  Guardian has pointed to the fact that these kinds of slip ups are going to be a challenge for Palin and her credibility as a candidate:

A slip of the tongue is the bane of any politician’s life: ask Barack Obama, who in the presidential campaign said he’d visited 57 states and has rarely been allowed to forget it. So if Palin is a serious candidate for the Republican nomination it’s better that she mix up South and North Korea than North and South Carolina, where a crucial early presidential primary takes place.

Aside from the North Korea mistake, Palin’s full response to the question was foreign policy boilerplate: stand by South Korea and try to put pressure on China. Hardly maverick stuff – and almost certainly what the White House is already doing. [Guardian]

At last.  Good foreign press coverage for a woman who has come a long way and has selected the road less traveled.

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