Sarah Palin Misstep Alert #1 for Election 2012

Posted on November 24, 2010

Sarah Palin needs to practice further how she can avoid overreacting to adversaries no matter who they are when it is obvious they are trying to put her in the corner or on the defensive.

When Barbara Bush, the ole gray fox herself, said in a Larry King interview last week that she thought Mrs. Palin was beautiful, etc. but that she hoped she’d stay in Alaska, it struck a Palin pain point.  Palin’s comeback was to reference the Bushes as “blue bloods” that most people in America did not cotton to.

Hold it – freeze frame.  In the ranks of the Tea party, there are many blue bloods.  Not everyone is a blue collar conservative.  To take pot shots at ANY faction in your support system is to invite problems.

Sarah, leave class colored remarks to the Socialists and Communists among the Democrats.  You don’t have to go there.  You have said countless times the Tea Party welcomes everyone.  Next time just turn it back on them.  “I guess Barbara hasn’t got the word that Jeb’s campaign for 2012 hasn’t kicked off yet.”  “He’s still claiming he’s not running for President.”

Sarah needs to stay strong and focused and rise above this kind of remark and she will.

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