Is It PC to Say “Happy Thanksgiving”?

Posted on November 25, 2010

Political correctness doesn’t take a day off.  We probably ought to be terribly careful and say “Happy Holiday” in case someone is celebrating something else somewhere in the world today.  With globalization, we can’t just stop the PC at our borders.

And this isn’t the holiday my Jewish friends eat at Chinese restaurants. How did I know?  My cousin and I wanted to eat Chinese today but the restaurant was closed. Who knew?

So rest up.  The holidays are coming next month when PC is at fever pitch each year.  But today my late grandmother could easily still say her little phrase – one that she enjoyed saying to us each Thanksgiving:

Hoorah for the turkey,
Hoorah for the fun,
Thanksgiving has come,
Thanksgiving has come!

SamHenry is studying “HAPPY THANKSGIVING” in Chinese as well as in Farsi so that all will be in order for any eventuality in the future.  SH is also putting more money away for the turkey since that will cost more for sure!  But does one save it in dollars?  There’s so much uncertainty these days.

Thanksgiving as celebrated by “others.”  These people live in a country called Otherwise Occupied.

All ready for Thanksgiving in 2025

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my dear friends in cyberspace – all of you – the good, the bad and the ugly.

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