Let’s Reduce the Power of the Presidency to One – Pardoning Turkeys

Posted on November 26, 2010

In the coming year, Republicans will not just have their counterparts in Congress with whom to contend but it is hoped that they will keep an ear to the ground for the whisper of a White House power grab via use of executive powers Obama is constantly researching.   The key will be to leave only the pardoning of Thanksgiving turkeys to the office.

It was surreal to watch as the Commander-in-Chief stood in the Rose Garden with only Sasha, Malia, two turkeys  and a turkey handler at his side and began his turkey pardoning ceremony by referring to the US as “the most powerful nation on earth.”  Time for a wince – a big, long-lasting one.  In only 2 years in office, he has spent more, traveled more and frittered away more international influence than any of his predecessors.  Surely he has seen the light?

As a result of his inability to prioritize and memorize (we have to pay to have a teleprompter sent all over the world with him) 2011 will be a crap shoot.  There are brave souls abroad singing the song of a strengthening economy but tell that to the people about to lose their unemployment insurance with no appreciable gain in jobs out there.

Why aren’t the Republicans asking where is the Presidential Commission on Jobs?  Or where is the emergency summit on jobs?  In any other country, a head-turning international conflict aka war would put it on the back burner but we are in the war business.  We have one on-going somewhere at any time of the day or night.  No excuse.  Just get with it and get creating jobs.  The American people are expecting the Republicans to re-prioritize a few things.

Americans are fed up with grand standing.  And they will not tolerate a prolonged battle between the Tea Party and the Republican stalwarts.  It only wastes time and money.  Republicans were not given a mandate for extreme change.  They were used as leverage to throw out the Democrats who changed the country behind closed doors to something we no longer recognize.   The American people have charged the Republicans with   giving them a  government that functions at a reasonable cost and size.  That would be a big change.

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