Hillary Wanted “Intelligence” From US Diplomats – What’s The Surprise Here

Posted on November 29, 2010

“Diplomats for all nations do the same thing.”  AMEN.  This from the State Department’s spokesman, P.J. Crowley following the latest round of document releases from Wikileaks.  The cable in which Hillary was supposedly asking for intelligence from US diplomats around the world actually asked for the following:

Basic biographical data such as diplomats’ names and addresses to their frequent flyer and credit card numbers, to even “biometric information on ranking North Korean diplomats.” Typical biometric information includes fingerprints, signatures, and iris recognition. [CNN]

2 Diplomatic gaffes of our allies illustrate the fact that “every body’s doin’ it:”

  • March, 2010  A serious rift in relations between Britain and Israel opened yesterday after a criminal investigation uncovered “compelling” evidence that Jerusalem had cloned the UK passports used in the assassination of a senior Hamas operative in Dubai. Britain responded by expelling a senior Israeli diplomat, believed to be the Mossad station chief in London. [Times]
  • March 21, 2001 – Six Russian diplomats accused of direct contact with alleged spy Robert Hanssen have left the United States, officials told CNN. It was not immediately clear when they departed, but earlier Wednesday Secretary of State Colin Powell summoned Russian Ambassador Yuri Ushakov to the State Department and informed him the United States planned to order the diplomats to leave. The U.S. on Thursday will officially declare the six persona non grata, meaning they are no longer welcome in the country. [CNN]

The latest from Wikileaks will soon be back burner items and we will go forward like every other nation guilty of the same things.

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