US Can’t Fight Any More Wars; Too Busy Reading WikiLeaks

Posted on November 30, 2010

There is a new weapon of mass destruction – a data dump.  The latest from WikiLeaks has staffers all over Washington and beyond pouring over the result of the latest data dump.  What a distraction.  First Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars and now this.  We’ve had enough distractions, thanks.

The story of 6 GIs being shot by someone in Afghanistan posing as a policeman was almost obliterated by the WikiLeaks awe factor.  The President is too busy reading WikiLeaks so he can’t make it to the microphone to address the issue; Hillary spoke out – even sounding like the President when she uttered the memorable phrase “Let me be clear.”  Yes, she did it.

To me, to review these documents would be like reading someone else’s class  notes: you missed the lecture so you don’t have the context.  No matter how clear the document, it will be out of context.  That’s how data dumps are.

A truly open, transparent government is not only potentially dangerous, it takes far too much of the average citizen’s time to review the output of any administration.  At some point we  have to trust that what is being done is both morally and lawfully correct and in our best interest.

And just imagine all of the backup tapes and etc. that are at Stone Mountain or other storage facilities.  All of this “stuff” preserved for the ages.  No one in the future will have any more time to go through all of this output than we have had.  Time’s up.  Everyone back to their lives.  WikiLeaks wins when we panic and go off course.  When we hunker down and just continue to lead our lives around WikiLeaks rather that through it, that is when we win.

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