Life In Space – Any Chance for A Bailout?

Posted on December 2, 2010

With yesterday’s announcement that NASA would discuss extraterrestrial life at a news conference today, all last night visions of space alien bankers danced through my head.  They could  not only bail  us out of our financial mess – they may even  have been able to send us a ship to leave.  About all the US can do to save face in the international community at this point would be to leave.

We can’t even attract an international sporting event anymore.  Is it because we have lost our luster?  Is this another area of weakness for the Obama Administration?  Probably the best two answers are that the shift in global power is at work.  We now have BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) to overcome.  It’s a powerful bloc.  As for soccer, it should go to the nations that  have supported it for years before the US even entered the arena.

Preliminary reports indicate that so far  life outside our planet is about the size of a microbe.  Oh.  I think I need to sit down.  You mean Hollywood has been leading us astray?  You mean Obama is earth-bound weird?  My world view has been trashed.  Just one more adjustment among many in the past 2 years.

Those microbes are fortunate.  They can’t be blamed for our current circumstance.   No, global corporate greed and lack of political  leadership have brought us to the precipice.

Not enough people have gone to jail for the loss of our standard of living, our security as a country, our jobs and well-being.  Finding microbes is exciting but the discovery  will be exploited by the same  old corporate crooks and politicos and we will not benefit from it as a people.  We are now prisoners of mediocrity and socialist principles.  It will be a long legislative road to a bailout from that.