Obama In Afghanistan as Jobless Rate Rises

Posted on December 3, 2010

Who knows what special treat the Obama women are enjoying this weekend and in what state while Dad is in Afghanistan with the troops playing Commander-in-Chief.  It is the only venue in which he is guaranteed respect.

In an amazing yoking together of opposites, we have an Obama who has expanded the office of the President while shrinking the amount of time he himself is actually active in it.  To wit: hours in the air on Airforce One to spend 3 on the ground in Afghanistan to essentially confirm to the people back  home that progress is being made (oh, and he also shored up morale as much as he can).

In short, he is in the air living la Vida loca – the only president who has worked the office not worked in it. He speaks to the world from the Oval Office; he speaks to his countrymen from overseas.  It’s possible he also looks through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars.  He should have a sticker on his limo’s side view mirror that reads: “your countrymen are closer than they appear.”

So here we are this Friday evening with the talking heads and pundits and analysts all telling us how to handle the bad news du jour – employment is on the rise; to reduce the deficit, we may have to take cuts in the form of job cuts and things will not soon be better.  Then comes the familiar voice on CNN of Senator Lindsay Graham who stuns viewers with a remarkable and singular proposal that we should maintain an air base in Afghanistan indefinitely.  Analyze that!

It appears that with the job figures and future prospects that we will have only two areas of employment remaining for college grads: the military and medicine.  One of course is almost the supply side for the other.

A lone guest on a talk show this evening theorized that innovation could lead us out of this.  Innovation cannot breath in the rarefied atmosphere of the valley floor where the US economy resides.  Innovation feeds on  hope but the media have convinced us we have none.

I think I’d like to visit the troops myself this Christmas.  Afghanistan somehow seems more festive this season what with dancing boys and everything (Obama no doubt caught a performance).  Like Mary’s little lamb, high-level, soulless corruption follows us everywhere – the outcome of the moral war we have lost.

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