The Government Plan to Halt On-Line Tracking

Posted on December 4, 2010

[From CNN on air]   The Federal Trade Commission [FT] has devised a plan much like the Do Not Call Plan for phones.  The Do Not Track Plan would feature a  software add-on you could install.  You could then control who tracked you and who did not.

The downside of this control being placed in Consumer hands would be the fact that tracking provides incentive for advertisers to purchase ads on the internet – ads that cover the cost of businesses and other websites.  They track you to refine ads to fit your use patterns.  But do they sell this information?

The Do Not Track plan would have to be voted in by Congress.  If it is,  it would find advertisers pulling out of sponsoring websites.  In turn the websites would have to charge users to stay afloat.  Those that could not would close down.

Nothing is free but does the cost have to be our privacy?  At least the battle  for privacy has been joined.