Bill Maher: When Did He Become a Respected News Analyst?

Posted on December 5, 2010

Fareed Zakaria is a very bright individual.  Mumbai produces thousands of them and they all hit our shores at one time or another only these days they opt to go back to Mumbai.  His Sunday morning program, Fareed Zakaria GPS, is a joy because he goes out of is way to engage people from around the world that are either top in their profession, a head of state, an elected official or some other person with credible standing in news analysis not usually seen on the talk shoes.

However, Zakaria gets a low grade this morning. He must have had some kind of cancellation from some head of state.  Bill Maher has been a guest for two segments now.  In truth Maher has suddenly become the honored guest on multiple talk shows on all channels everywhere.  What is going on here? When did he become a respected news Analyst?  He’s a comedian or did he get a career change operation we don’t know about?

Here’s how he was advertised by CNN:

[Bill Maher is] someone Fareed calls “one of the sharpest observers of American politics and life-in-general out there.” Bill Maher, the host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” and one of this county’s most prominent stand-up comedians has had Fareed on his show before. Now see what happens when the tables are turned.

SamHenry stands corrected.  Maher is an “observer” not an analyst.  Mon dieu, now definitions are changing.  Maher sings only one song:  Democrats are correct, Republicans never change, Independents are unprincipled contrarians,  and the members of the Tea Party movement don’t know what they are doing (They are an anti-tax movement and Obama has lowered their taxes.”).  He is disgusted that Obama has become just another Democrat that has abandoned his principles.  He is beside himself to think what the world sees in the latest  shift of power here: “It is embarrassing we have these yokels in charge.”

I urge you  to look for the publication of the transcript of this program later today at .              After you have read it, then ask yourself: Is this an individual who has an informed opinion?  He peppers his pronouncements with a few references but then so do college students writing average papers.  He graduated with a BA in English from Cornell in 78.  SamHenry graduated with a higher degree in that and in another discipline. SamHenry has limited utterance to opinion on a blog.  Bill Maher feels he speaks ex-Cathedra to a nation that he stated is really to the left.  Now he’s a pollster as well.  He wears many hats but in reality he is a comedian talk show host away from his desk wearing a suit, sporting a bad hair style and an irritating smug manner.  Someone give this piece of worthless self-appreciation the hook.