Al Qaeda, WikiLeaks, – The Age of The Many Being Held Hostage to the Few

Posted on December 6, 2010

During WWII the English used to say about their airmen “never have so many owed so much to so few.”  70 years later, a few terrorists of varying descriptions are organizing a kind of warfare that is holding everyone on the globe hostage to possible danger.

What is fostering their success?  The media attention.  The media have given them so much attention that they have become a recruiting tool for al Qaeda.  You can’t stop the coverage because media in this country is a major industry.  And we can’t consider censorship – oh, my, freedom of speech would suffer. Well, these days, the only suffering comes to those who are the target of terrorism.  Terrorists take advantage of free speech and work it to the max. They are brilliant strategists.

Al Qaeda’s weapons:

  • Their remarkable strategic thinking has led them to realize they can achieve their destructive, terror-producing ends utilizing very little money, very little weaponry and very few people and yet have an effect far beyond their resources and manpower.
  • They are  masters of timing.  Their video and audio releases are perfectly timed as are their attacks.
  • They know the target country and the ways of its people.  This has always given them a distinct advantage.
  • They are good at seeing where it would benefit them to work with another group such as the South American guerrilla group, FARC in Columbia.  They both have a common interest in raising funds to sponsor their operations through the narcotics trade.
  • They are patient.  They are willing to wait years for their desired end to be achieved.
  • They are partially funded by some of the wealthiest people in the world – Saudi millionaires.  They utilize Sharia banking that means there will be no paper trail to track them down.
  • Their religious fervor carries them through many rough periods.

And now WikiLeaks is holding the US government hostage.  If we arrest the founder, Julian Assange, he has indicated that a computer program will release the most sensitive data to the public.  Blackmail is not the realm al Qaeda inhabits but they have benefited greatly from the WikiLeaks – particularly the most recent list of our strategic sites.  It is a target list for al Qaeda. Is there a relationship here?  Or is there another group or nation behind WikiLeaks?  Or are we being blackmailed by a single man and his US Army accomplice?

In the end we know what the lessons for us are.  No matter how large and powerful the nation, a mouse can take it down. But have the men and women of al Qaeda or the gentlemen of WikiLeaks considered that such tactics could be turned against them?  The real damage they have done is to have unleashed a kind of chaos on the planet that sees  no sign of subsiding.