Ivory Coast Civil War Threat as 2 Men Take the Oath Of Office following Elections.

Posted on December 6, 2010

CIA Map of Ivory Coast 2006. Declassified

Sitting on Africa’s west coast with Nigeria to the north and Ghana to the south, Cote d’Ivoire (the Ivory Coast) is tense tonight.  Both presidential candidates in the recent election have claimed victory and  have taken the oath of office.  (this will happen in 2012 in the US).

The other players in these kinds of dramas have dragged out the sanction option (European Commission), President Obama issued a statement that  has got lost in the shuffle and buried in the CNN article about the crisis:

U.S. President Barack Obama warned Gbagbo [a candidate]: “The international community will hold those who act to thwart the democratic process and the will of the electorate accountable for their actions.”

No teeth in this  although to the world these days, we appear toothless. This has all of the impact of telling a truant 10 year old you will tell his mother. We can only hope more substantial views and secret talks (if they are possible these days) are continuing.

Propelled by rogue operations like WikiLeaks, disputed elections in many locations throughout the world, and in your face politics everywhere, respect for authority – any authority – is diminishing at a frightening pace.  These are just the conditions that hand success to authoritarian groups like al Qaeda.

In short, the idea that ours is a global community strikes home when the violent social and political shocks in another country are felt in ours.  We now enter a phase in which we need to not only keep a keen eye on our nation’s condition but on that of the rest of the world to a degree we have not previously known.  Even down on the local level, when our town board votes on a tax increase, they now take into consideration what constituents face from the federal and state governments.  They also look to  how the international picture is impacting interest rates and basic costs.  It’s a very big and complex world with outcomes not assured.  Many of the indicators that tell us where we are headed are not in our country.

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