Chocolate Now Linked to Depression. An Economic Depression Just Got Worse

Posted on December 8, 2010

There seems to be no relief in sight for us these days:  Wars, famine, depression and since April, chocolate has been under siege.  Price fluctuations are bad enough but now it has been clinically linked to depression.  It is, however, a chicken egg situation.  Researchers are not certain which comes first: depression that makes you eat chocolate or chocolate that leads to depression.  This much,  however, is known:

According to a study published this week [April, 2010] in the Archives of Internal Medicine, people who feel depressed eat about 55% more chocolate than their non-depressed peers. And the more depressed they feel, the more chocolate they tend to eat.

The economy is dragging me down.  The price of gasoline is dragging me down further and now I have to discover this April article.  A pox upon it.  Everyone knows chocolate is man’s best friend after dogs.  Remember Forest Gump “life is like a box of chocolates….”  Even Hollywood has acknowledged the import of this, eh, well, er, “drug.”  California, do not think to make it illegal.

Read remainder of article here.

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