Sarah Palin Grates

Posted on December 8, 2010

All of Sarah Palin’s artful, successful means of attracting media attention are beginning to grate.  Daily she appears on CNN’s Political Ticker and in the press in Britain – both of which I read.  Someone is always attacking her; she is either rebutting same or is launching one of her own.  This morning she is defending herself from being misquoted by the WikiLeaks Warlock, Julian Assange.

Already some of her conservative fellows  who have all but declared their intent to run for the  highest office in the land (an office that has been brought down by Obama) have begun to complain at the amount of press coverage Palin Garners.  As she increasingly positioned herself as a viable candidate (and as such will have to resign her paid media positions) the complaints have grown louder.

Some criticism has been meaningful, some has been frivolous, some has been nasty and much can be sourced from jealousy of one form or another.  She’s attractive and she’s ahead of possible conservative presidential  candidates in the polls.

It is incalculable how Palin’s publicity from television will put her ahead in an actual campaign.  People are interested in her whether they support her or not.  Press is press – negative or positive – and Palin, a former journalism major, is well aware of that.  She knew going into the making of her last segment of Sara Palin’s Alaska that if she shot a caribou on camera that she would be taken to task by Peta or some other group and she was.  This kept her up there in the spotlight. But Sarah – hold the overexposure!

So friends of mine who love Sarah, please cut me some slack.  I always feel that I cannot say anything the least bit negative about her or I will be either trounced upon or abandoned.  Is one more lousy politician worth a friendship?  And I have not dumped on all of her qualities.  I’ve been selective!