Bill Clinton – Cure for Congressional Constipation?

Posted on December 11, 2010

Thank goodness Monica Lewinsky didn’t stand in the way of the everlasting love and devotion that so many have for former President Bubba Clinton.  You really have to handle the retired chiefs delicately because you may need to haul one out of retirement to help turn the ship of state around and they have been navigating the waters around Capitol Hill for years.

This is exactly what Broker-in-Chief Barack Obama did Friday. After a low key meeting in the oval office, Bubba and Barack headed to the Press Briefing Room where they BOTH spoke about the need to pass a tax extension package of some kind.  Barack had to leave to meet Mrs. Barack (he probably just had to hit the bathroom) and invited Bubba to stay and host a Q and A session.  Brilliant or Bad move?  Perhaps a little of both.

Like conversation following sex it seemed everyone was asking “was it good for you”?  “Did you like it when Barack left and walked off”?  Time will tell but Barack has pretty much over played the Bubba card.  He needs to get training wheels and try going out there on his own more.  He needs to get over his fear of the American people.  He is always jetting off to visit other people in other lands with whom he generally has better relations.  It’s easy to do when you don’t have to live with them and listen to their screaming.

Was it good for Bubba?  Perhaps not. In truth this watcher thought Bubba did not look that well.  He was  drawn and his movements were slow.  Meanwhile the Vice-President was busy up on the Hill trying to sell a tax compromise, he was also addressing an issue that will not go away – that of his continued role on the ticket for 2012.  Hillary Clinton’s name keeps coming up.  Face it, this IS the Clinton Administration and both Clintons have been doing everything they can to help save us from fiscal disaster.  If for nothing else, they need to keep the Clinton name alive for Chelsea to inherit.

And now the endgame.  Obama deferred to Clinton.  Other presidents may have done what  he did but they did not have the former President’s wife in their Administration.  Barack is a master at conflict resonance, not resolution.  It will remain for good ole Bubba Clinton to deal with a constipated Congress.  Ah, the slickness of Willy.