SamHenry’s Excellent eBay Adventure

Posted on December 11, 2010

Meet Jack Frost. Sam retrieved him from the basement collection of Christmas decorations and cast a discerning eye upon him with intent to S-E-L-L.

Sam is always digging around the house and grounds looking for things for that next garage sale.  Strapped for funds this winter, there was no waiting for a spring garage sale.  So Sam tapped a pal who sells on eBay and life changed around the old casa.  The perfect pal even let Sam put up ads solo. That’s trust in spades.  Soon addiction set in – picking out the frame around the description and the type face.  Then watching the lookers “bite” the bait and leave a “watch” indicator on my behind the scenes screen.  Congress was constipated – nothing else to do.

But Jack – oh my Jack – that freakin’ fairy became the focal point of our winter fun.  My friend photographed  him thoroughly from every angle.

In researching how much things like this were selling for, we found that there is this design group, House of Hatten, that has various collectibles – some in series.  As it happened our Jack was part of a series called “Fire and Ice.”  He was crafted by an artist who signed him on his robes.

House of Hatten stamped his lovely little bottom.

Who knew that there were collector piranhas out there in the dark waters of this Depression.  They are on a holiday feeding frenzy.

Soon Jack was surrounded by 80 plus viewers and numerous “watchers.”  Over seven days we saw the bids rise like bread in a warm oven.  Finally, the results.

There is no accounting for taste.  There is no accounting for values.  In these unsettling times, it’s a good thing we can sell things to cover losses.  But on the other side, with people out of work and starving, others are putting their money into the likes of Jack Frost.  Ah, well, if that brings happiness….