SamHenry on Trimming the Tree and Christmas 2010

Posted on December 12, 2010

Whitney is an addition to our family. She is a year old Labrador Retriever.  She loves to chew on the tender branches of all of my prized bushes – azaleas, oak leaf hydrangea, etc.  They are all there for her in her dog brain.

There is now of course a tree indoors – the Christmas tree.  Decorating it this year was problematic because Whitney fell asleep under the tree trying to protect it from me and all the armfuls of decorations I had put by.

That old faithful JRT who protects me lay on the velvet Victorian couch which in her dog brain was given to her for her comfort.  My dry cleaning had been on the sofa somewhere – a couple of cotton pillows and a sweater – ah well.  And of course she always rearranges the pillows that are as big as she is.   [Sorry about the exposure.]

Somehow the tree is almost finished [again, sorry about the exposure but it’s Christmas and this is just among us friends -right? ]


Merry Christmas to men and women of good will and understanding.  No matter your religious background, this is a season when people do try harder to find the inner light in their lives and to share it.  Let nothing stand in your way even though so many of us live in much uncertainty and pain.  Peace.

Santa Sam