Larry King’s Son, Cannon, Provided Funiest Moments Of Final “Larry King Live”

Posted on December 17, 2010

The King Family (L-R) Chance, Larry, Cannon and Shawn

The final Larry King Live Show just did not have any zip or reason or why for.  You waited and waited confident  that things would take off but they never did – until King gathered his own family around him for the final moments.

His 11 year old son, Chance, was poised but not extraordinary; ditto his wife, Shawn.  But 10 year old Cannon ran away with the show.  His imitations of his father were spot on and priceless.  He had all the moves and the brains behind them.  You wanted more but time was up.

Today, all you hear is about Cannon.  It is to be hoped that we can hear more from him without damaging his childhood in some way.  However, given the state of King’s marriage earlier this year and the wisdom of this smart (in all senses of the word) kid, his childhood is not next to normal anyway. In fact, Larry reported that on the way in to the studio, they were discussing what was “normal” in the car.  They have to have been trying to find that state for some time.  We all  have.

It’s a good thing the King family could manage to stay together this year.  Here’s hoping the transition to a new work flow for King will be as smooth as possible.  His wife is already expecting adjustments.  King’s face dropped as she said  ” We’ll have to get you a paper route.  We need to keep you out of the house [noting  his expression] and added just a little out of the house.”  Shawn has the right idea – keep everybody busy.  Here’s  hoping she will not pay for her view.  Leave her alone, Larry.

The final show:


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