True Texas-Style Christmas: Abu Dhabi Hotel Has 11 Million Dollar Christmas Tree.

Posted on December 17, 2010

These days if you want to enjoy a Texas-sized anything, you’ve got to go to the richest, most glitzy neighborhood on the globe.  A contender would be the Emirate of Abu Dhabi where, in a scene right out of  a Neiman Marcus display, a faux tree draped in lights and 11 million dollars worth of jewels is the focal point of the domed common area of a luxury hotel.

Here are the particulars:

ABU DHABI (AFP) – Christmas came in extravagant fashion to the Muslim desert emirate of Abu Dhabi as a glitzy hotel unveiled a bejewelled Christmas tree valued at more than 11 million dollars on Wednesday.

It is the “most expensive Christmas tree ever,” with a “value of over 11 million dollars,” said Hans Olbertz, general manager of Emirates Palace hotel, at its inauguration.

The 13-metre (40-foot) faux evergreen, located in the gold leaf-bedecked rotunda of the hotel, is decorated with silver and gold bows, ball-shaped ornaments and small white lights.

But the necklaces, earrings and other jewellery draped around the tree’s branches are what give it a record value.

It holds a total of 181 diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires and other precious stones, said Khalifa Khouri, owner of Style Gallery, which provided the jewellery.

“The tree itself is about 10,000 dollars,” Olbertz said. “The jewellery has a value of over 11 million dollars — I think 11.4, 11.5.

Asked if the tree might offend religious sensibilities in the United Arab Emirates, where the vast majority of the local population is Muslim, Olbertz said he did not think it would. “It’s a very liberal country,” he said.

Christmas trees shouldn’t be the bearers of gold and jewels.  They should be glitzy and beautiful to reflect all God’s glory but to put such a degree of precious metal and stones upon a symbol of everlasting life is against all that is of value in Christianity.  It gives the wrong message.  You can’t take all of that stuff into everlasting life with you – not even if you pay a VAT.   And you will not find 80 or so virgins when you get there either.  Just sayin’.

Oh, well, let them have their tree and we’ll all dance around it singing Cyndi Lauper’s famous song:  “Muslims Just Wanna Have Fun.”




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