Russia Calls For UN Korea Meeting; Will Obama Get 3:00 AM Call? Will He Call Hillary and Bill?

Posted on December 18, 2010

The situation on the ground in North Korea is deteriorating.  Some kind of international incident seems unavoidable.

Long ago during campaign 2008, our esteemed Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, ran an advert suggesting that if there were a serious international incident,  Obama might not be able to handle that 3:00 AM call as well as she:

Chances are greater tonight than at any other time THAT WE KNOW during the Obama Overlord years that the phone just may ring at 3:00 AM.  Now Michelle and the girls are in Hawaii starting the family Christmas visit without Barack.  They won’t be answering the phone.  They may, however, be in the way of a North Korean missile.

Now if the phone rings, will Barack answer or has he engaged call forwarding to Bill Clinton?  Having recently left Bubba to wrap up a Presidential Press Conference while he dashed out to meet Michelle,  it’s a sure bet he will call Bill first; Hillary second.  After all, H hurt his feelings with that ad.  Of course Hillary and our current Vice President are denying they will be switching jobs.  They will not be; Bill Clinton will run on the ticket with Barack.  Biden will retire and head a Federal Committee to improve Amtrak service between Delaware and Washington. No one will care where the Vice President is.

Although Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has been repealed, Obama will be more distracted by what Nancy Pelosi is doing behind his back than by any new homosexual recruits in his military.  But shouldn’t  we worry that the ditherer-in-chief will be distracted by gay GI’s?  Perhaps that is the worry behind the worry on Capitol Hill.

SamHenry's relatives have always been involved with the military. Here a British cousin greets a fellow in the special forces. If a Lab is assigned to any unit, it becomes special.

SamHenry plans to be up most of the night spotting UFOs and aircraft.  Someone has to do something.  At the very least,  we all share the fear that Barack will let the phone ring and wake us all up.  If it should be answered, you can bet it will be by a machine programmed to forward the call.  The Clinton administration continues.

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