Training Congress is Like Training a Puppy

Posted on December 18, 2010

We the American people need to take our Congress back.  The summer prior to the passage of the   contentious health care legislation, Congress played us like a violin.  We were “polarized” and “manipulized” to the point that we formed large, long columns of warriors behind our representatives and shouted our support down the lane.  What happened?  We got the most expensive, poorly conceived and organized program ever foisted on us.  Project managers will tell  you, the best result comes by input from all factions.  You are only stuck with a “redo” once the project finds its legs.  It stumbles and falls.  But how to get Democrats to come out from behind closed-door sessions and off the campaign trail long enough for others to provide input.

We have learned our lessons in dealing with this puppy.  What do you do when a puppy is jumping all over you?  You say “off” or “down” and you turn your back on him/her.  Yes, a very good technique to keep puppies from jumping up on you is to ignore them.  They don’t like that.

In politics as in puppy training, in the fall election 2010, many voters turned their backs on the Democratic congressional candidates and voted in a Republican majority in the House of Representatives.  There are still very disobedient puppies in the litter but they no longer have the full force of a wolf pack.  We’ve turned our backs on them and they now get the message that we mean business – that they had better learn to stop jumping up on us and compromise.  Why?  The remaining Dems want to keep their kennels.

The President has been forced to assume the role of the alpha dog Democrat and to show Congressional Democrats how it is done. Others in the Democrat pack don’t agree with “caving” to Republicans on anything.  Funny how one man’s cave is another man’s compromise.  That compromise and caving should be yoked together is beyond comprehension.  That is part of the BIG problem.

Polarization is rampant in the land – it’s with and without parties.  It is no doubt why so many are registered Independents these days.  Worse, we have bullying in the schools and big time in Congress.  What has happened to the body politic?  “Loyal” opposition seems to be so archaic as to be laughable.  However, those who tout getting back to the Constitution should remember that the document was forged by compromise (SamHenry likes to repeat good ideas) and it is a methodology we should resurrect along with the document.

Meanwhile, if Congress jumps all over us again, turn away and quietly strategize how to end it.  People like Pelosi like a good fight.  Let’s take that weapon away from them, shall we?

SamHenry stopped getting all fired up about what was going on in Congress without giving up on it totally.  Congress seems to be growing up.  They seem to be learning new tricks and so far, a lot of issues have been settled with more to come this week.

So we feed them ideas and remind them they were rejected – that they need to pay attention to their Republican colleagues.  The result?  Lots of work getting done on Capitol Hill in a short space during a Lame Duck session.