Facebook Now Thinking For Me and Acting on My Behalf – And Requires My Real Name

Posted on December 23, 2010

Because I did not give them more than the scantest information on my Facebook account, Facebook wrote on my profile:

Where did some of my profile information go?
The sections of your profile now link to Pages that reflect your interests. You haven’t added any yet, but we matched your current profile info to related Pages.

That reflect my interests?  They only know my interests from tracking me, not from me directly.

Think about this – carefully.  This is an arrow pointing directly to our ON-line future.  If we don’t cooperate, information about us will be supplied anyway.

Think about this at the same time.  Hollywood made Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook a pop icon by making a film loosely based on his life.  Aw, shucks, he’s a regular guy after all, right?  His organization helped our Prez design the database that won the election for Obama – Organizing for Obama now called Organizing for America.

The apotheosis of Mark Zuckerberg is at hand.  He has now received Time Magazine’s Person of the Year award.   It is outrageous that in the age of Wikileaks, an icon of companies and groups eroding our privacy should win the Time Magazine Person of the Year award.  Here is the location of an article for al Jazerra written by a writer associated with Harvard University. It is insightful and thought-provoking. It posits the theory that the wrong person has received the Time Magazine award this year.

Yes, the developer of the application that, like Communist China, now makes you apply for membership in Facebook using your real name has been discussed all over the globe again – this time negatively.  PR of any kind is always welcome.  This is the central belief of advertisers.