North Korea Eerily Silent as South Continues Military “Games”

Posted on December 24, 2010

Few escaped coverage of the confrontation risked last week when South Korea went ahead with naval military drills off the coast of Korea and near the island that was so brutally shelled by the North in November of this year.  You knew things were tense and  war would have been the best outcome in the eyes of the media if CNN’s Wolf Blitzer accompanied Bill Richardson on his “unofficial”  mission to head off Armageddon.

The North remained silent throughout that exercise and those that followed this week at other locations – one near the DMZ.  This week, however, the media declared the possibility of war as having passed and so next to zero coverage was planned for these further maneuvers.

What WAS the South thinking?  With all of those US troops there, they held drills with live ammunition near them?  That they carried out their program after the tensions of the previous weeks was beyond belief.

Of course now everyone thinks that the North has stepped back.  How can they know or be certain?  There is a transition in government not fully understood underway and South Korea put itself and its ally in this position?  The word outrageous is too mild to describe their actions.

Quite frankly, when you take on the unknown to this extent, it is a blatant demonstration of irresponsibility.  We  have troops in three countries where we do not control the situation.  Time to clean up and wrap up.  Let China spend the next 55 years learning what we have post WWII as they attempt to replace the US in these areas