Big Apple Can’t Handle Big Snow

Posted on December 28, 2010

Snow mixed with politics was the forecast over the weekend in the nation’s largest city.  Too much snow or too much politics caused Queens and Brooklyn to be almost neglected by the Department of Sanitation plows.

At JFK, planes sat on the runway for over 8 hours. This caused the local government to interfere with the work of the  Federal Government.  US Customs officials finished their late night shift before they could process international passengers still held up on planes due to the snow.  As a result, more passengers that could not disembark for hours.

There were cries for the head of the Department of Sanitation who had reorganized how snow removal is overseen – no longer in local units but centrally from City Hall.

Bottom line:  budget cuts.  Sanitation workers got hit hard in the layoff department. This has happened in our little village in Western, NY.  Services are the first items to be cut back.

So before each storm, pack in a little more food at the  house and food and fresh underwear in your carry-on if at the airport.  You may be sitting without services for a long time.  Oh, and if you get on a train, make sure there is a bathroom.  One very stuck passenger on New Jersey transit who worked for CNN had picked the wrong car!

Source for info:  NY Times and CNN on Air.

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