CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux And The Women of CNN

Posted on December 28, 2010

CNN's Photo for Suxanne Malveaux's Web Page.

Call me jealous (I am) the gorgeous, gregarious and gifted (Harvard and Columbia grad) CNN reporter, Suzanne Malveaux is damnably difficult to ignore.  That’s why when her recent shows have featured her in either shirts or sweaters that more or less highlight her upper assets, it was like gilding the lily.  She can use it but she doesn’t need it.

That face is enough to divert from news delivery.  Is this her way to keep  her the prime Wolf Blitzer substitute?  She has been “front” and center a lot lately. Then again, capturing a prime news spot means pulling out all the stops.


Face it, no matter at what angle she is photographed, she’s a winner. She also is the one woman at CNN that dares to be bold in color and pattern.

Malveaux and Whitfield

Second up to bat among attractive women at CNN is my favorite personality, Fredrika (“Fred”) Whitfield.  Here she is sitting pretty on a sofa on set next to Malveaux.  It is a cheesecake tableau.  These are the leading ladies among reporters at CNN headquarters these days. They earned their places by their intellect and broadcast manner.

Candy Slimmed Down for New Job

If you have gray hair, or are older you are reporting from somewhere else or, bless Candy Crowley, were tenacious and just waited until there was no one but her that made sense for her Sunday slot.

Then there are those CNN reporters who try the thick belt with sweater look and it just kind of slips away from them….

Give her a break, she’s on the CNN Morning Show and the ratings are in the toilet so she more or less has to try the new retro look – thick belt on sweater dress.

If you’re Barbara Starr and you report from the Pentagon, CNN will be happy to leave you alone.  You are at a place where serious, intelligent reporting is key to believability and who is more believable than Barbara Starr.

CNN has a wide range of women and that’s to their credit.  But they need to rein in the enthusiasm in dressing some of them exhibit. It really does take away from the medium’s message.  But then, I’m probably just jealous looking for the next 15 minutes of fame slot.