DroidX is Not for Sissies or the Elderly UPDATE 2/21/2011

Posted on January 3, 2011

Disclaimer:  The following is by a tech savvy but decidedly “older”  Droid user.

Time for a new phone at Verizon.  They had such a good DroidX promotion last week that I was sucked in big time.  It looked good and had flawless performance in the hands of the sales person.  But in my hands, well it didn’t shine.

The old arthritic fingers with which I am equipped in this world were too shaky and wide for the virtual keyboard.  I had to turn my fingers sideways to enter data.  I did improve but I don’t trust my accuracy. Extended typing with your hand in a position to enable you to type sideways – ridiculous.

Then there is the complexity issue.  I use and IBM platform and Windows 7.  That can get pretty complex.  I have not used the Apple iPhone extensively but it does seen more elder user friendly.  With the Droid, I feel as if I am back in the IBM stone age having to go through steps I should not have to go through to complete a task and having to memorize the seemingly unrelated tasks to reach interrelated goals at a time in life when memory fails.

Wake  up smart phone designers.  You have an aging, tech savvy population here.  Think back to what was done in land line phone design to assist the elderly.  Larger than life keypad for one. We have cameras now that have settings for shaky, quaky elders.  Why not for smart phones?

Loved the big screen and the speed of internet access and use. But what you have to live through to press the right combination of keys to get there could start one down the road to a terminal case of some kind of anxiety that could keep you housebound and afraid the sky is falling.  Oh and don’t try to access the camera after just one cocktail. It is  not a cocktail friendly exercise.  Pictures are good enough but honestly a camera is better.

Most annoying:  The “Droid” voice that lets you know you have some kind of message.  It can be a killer in the middle of the night when it is dark and quiet. I am certain there is a way to change it but I am exhausted mentally and physically from the wrist up to attempt to do anything about it.

So it’s back to Verizon for a regular phone until the iPhone lands in their lineup in a couple of years.  Yup, I’m a DroidX sissy but honesty is now rare in the land and that I am. The real reason for the return:  I just can’t afford it.   My salvation has been that  Verizon’s return policy gives you 30 days to remember that.

UPDATE 2/21/2011

Well dear reader, to tel the truth, I kept the thing.  I will find some way to pay for it. It really has been helpful and has more features than the iphone.  Also, the deal was too good to pass up.  Besides, I am grandfathered into their internet charge.  By August, the Droid will feature video conferencing.  I will have to restrain myself.  And I have grown found of sound of  the “Droid voice.”