Motorola Inc. Ends The Day as Two Companies

Posted on January 4, 2011

Motorola, Inc. will end the trading day today as two companies:  Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc.  and Motorola Solution, Inc..  The changeover should be completed within the next few weeks.  Here are the trading figures for the two entities as of about 2:30 January 4, 2011:

motorola Mobility holdings, inc.

motorola solutions, inc common

The ups and downs of the cell phone industry were at odds with the work Motorola had done for federal, state and local governments where project-specific creative solutions are the order of the day.

Motorola Solutions will continue the company’s 80-year tradition of building radio systems, but now with a focus on wireless voice, video and data communications available commercially or as specialized, mission-centric products for the Defense Department and public safety professionals.“The advantage for Motorola Solutions will be [that] all our investment will really be targeted at public safety and enterprise because cellular will be off on its own,” [according to Jim Mears, corporate vice president at Motorola].  []

Motorola Inc.’s CEO, Greg Brown who first proposed the breakup will head Motorola Solutions.

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