Bill Maher: Republicans Have More Extremists Than Muslims

Posted on January 10, 2011

Back on CNN tonight as a commentator, comedian Bill Maher managed to yoke Republican extremists with Muslim extremists:  Republicans have more extremists in their ranks he said.

He went on to positively make idiots out of them claiming they were akin to “foolish school girls” (I will correct this when Anderson Cooper’s 360 transcript for 10 January is available) as they fought health care.

They claimed it was a government takeover.  They don’t know what a government takeover is.  A government takeover is a single payer system and we didn’t get that.

We didn’t get that, Bill, because Republicans fought against it.  We came darn near getting it.

So let’s call the game here.  Democrats and the more liberally inclined have a hauteur, a laid back je ne sais quois when they discuss Republicans, Tea Partiers and the far right whom they have lumped together. Maher claimed that the gun “nuts” finance their campaigns.

Government – small government is what Maher says  Governor Brewer achieved in cutting funding to mental health and other health programs.  He suggested that the tragedy  is the result of small government.  Deprived of adequate care, the mentally ill are all over the place with guns.

The far right through Limbaugh have been checking in yelling and using a lot of hyperbole so they are not off the hook  here at this post. The bottom line is that every side is trying  to turn a national tragedy to their benefit.  It is disgusting and not worthy of the citizens of a great nation.  An event like this should bring us together not cause us to fire up the propaganda machines.  Gentlemen, start your engines and perhaps you can really drag the country down.  Mayer has moved into overdrive as he says coolly: “the gun lobby should be called the assassin’s lobby.”  “They own the Supreme Court.”  Good grief.  This “comic” is out of control.  David Gergen spoke out against calling the gun lobby the assassin’s lobby.  It is to CNN’s credit that someone spoke up about such despicable rhetoric.

In the end, Maher “inferred” that the fact that  Jared Laughner shot a Democrat figures into all of this.  Maher can wrap what he believes to be the truth in hyperbole with a comedic turn to great advantage.  About the shooter he said: “He is not a Republican operative taking orders from Wasilla.”  There, America, the seed of this idea has been planted.  A joke?  Of course.  He’s just kidding about the situation but is deadly serious about the message hidden in it.

We would all do ourselves a favor to turn off the TV and just switch it to video and watch a DVD.  The media does not inform it incites.  As for Bill Maher – he disgusts this writer with the twists and turns his reasoning takes in a comedic format.  He’s not funny; he’s dangerous.