Diana As Mother-in-Law – Would Kate Blossom In Her Shadow?

Posted on January 10, 2011

Diana in Versache

Catherine Middleton may be very fortunate that Diana has not lived to be her mother-in-law.  Close to her two boys, with few close female friends of her own and used to being the center of attention, one wonders.

Diana’s boys were the focal point of her life.  As time went on, they would have been rebellious teens albeit devoted to her as a mother who had given up so much to be with them.  Would she find that no woman was good enough for them?  Would she be able to share them fully with another woman?  She was very needful.  Kate may have had to wait 10 years under thee circumstances.

Kate has blossomed.  She carries the stamp of royalty easily and unobtrusively.  Her youth and fresh good looks may have taken too much of the spotlight and caused Diana to feel as Charles had when the media paid her more attention.

Diana was also a master of manipulation when it came to the media.  All of that said, had she remarried, her choice would have impacted her acceptance by the public but increased interest among journalists and the paparazzi.  In short, although many older women lose public adoration, Diana would have moved heaven and earth to avoid that.  She knew how to remain interesting.

Diana also learned how to move on with her own life and it is doubtful that she would replace her focus on her  own life with a focus on her daughter-in-law.

The press would have had a heyday with article after article comparing Diana with Kate and making up stories about their difficulties with each other.  This both women could have done without.  Having this in common, Diana may have been very protective of Kate.

We will of course never know what Diana would have been like as a mother-in-law,  but it’s something many are thinking about but will not come out and discuss.

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