Obama Preps for In-Country Insults from Sleaze Chinese

Posted on January 17, 2011

Having gone to China hat-in-hand only to have his requests rejected and having gone to the conference on climate change in Copenhagen only to have received similar treatment at the same hands, Obama prepares this week for whatever may come in the Oval office when the Chinese come to measure the draperies.

It will be in his best interest to consult with George Bush the First who devised the most  appropriate means of letting foreign countries know how this country feels about trade deficits.  While on a state visit to Japan, Bush I threw up all over the Japanese Prime Minister and fainted dead away before the first course had been delivered.

Next came his son, baby Bush, who had his own diplomatic approach  He played dumb and confused the Japanese with the Chinese:

The key will be to keep the Chinese away from newly discovered mineral mines and hand made toy and quilt making in the Ozarks both of which threaten the Chinese economy.  Having stolen and/or having been given aircraft design information (under Clinton) they were able to manufacture their own stealth aircraft very quickly.  The Chinese military accomplished this feat so rapidly that neither Gates nor the current Chinese President knew that the plane was being tested during the visit of our Secretary of Defense 11 January of this year.

China’s military tested a stealth fighter jet Tuesday, hours before U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates met with Chinese President Hu Jintao – a blunt demonstration of the military’s willingness to challenge both the United States and its own president.Conducting such a test while the top U.S. defense official is visiting is unprecedented for China. The test of the J-20 aircraft prototype at an airfield in western China underscores the opposition China’s military has to Gates’s trip and its increasing efforts to set the tone of China’s foreign policy, even at the risk of making Hu appear out of the loop. [Washington Post]

At the very least, Obama and Hu can discuss how it feels to be undercut by your own military.  The military has gained increasing power in China.  In the past, presidents were part of the Red Army.  Beginning 15 years or so, China’s leaders have been civilian. [CNN on air 16 January, 2011]

Realistically, there is not much President Obama can do to undercut the Chinese during their stay.  The Chinese Military representatives will only tell him to go to his room while they plant fresh bugs and cameras in the Oval Office.