CNN’s Borger Declares End of the Palin Era

Posted on January 20, 2011

“She’s outstayed her welcome.”   That’s really the thesis of Gloria Borger’s recent essay on why Palin is passe and down in the polls.  “America is tired of her.”    Now I am  not a great Palin fan but I have stood in admiration of what she has been able to achieve in spite of, well, the entire media establishment, the entire Republican establishment, some really hard hitting powerful Democrats and good old Levi.

Gloria, I don’t think you can see the future from your CNN glass desk.  It’s two years until 2012.  That’s several political lifetimes.  Remember how a few short months ago Obama was considered not just a lame duck but on life support.? Somehow a lot of work got done in the lame duck session following the election with the President helping to make it happen.  He’s up in the polls; Palin is down.  Now all of you bright politicos, just how accurate are polls anyway and how long does their power last, eh?

Gloria, remember this:  Sarah is a quick study.  She knows how to drop out of sight, recoup and recuperate and reinvent herself.  She  will take note of the fact that she is seen as divisive and polarizing and she will ace it.  We’ve seen it all before.  It’s her pattern.

Meanwhile, you need to base your articles on more research than a poll or two, your sense that “there is a feeling,” what Newt thinks and what “some Republicans” are saying.  This is the least of the “evidence” you presented:

As Erick Erickson, the editor of the conservative and a CNN contributor, told me, it’s not really about what Palin has achieved. “By 2012,” he says, “people are going to be so tired of her they’re going to want to avoid eye contact. It’s not fair, but it’s reality.”

Really?  This guy knows how I and many others will feel by 2012?  No mood swings?  What a country.  Everyone’s a prophet. Gloria, pay attention and stop crossing the line between fortune-telling and reportage.