Keith Obermann – Dancing with the Stars?

Posted on January 22, 2011

According to CNN on-air comments during last night’s Anderson Cooper 360, Keith Obermann’s exit from MSNBC was expected and Obermann is not unhappy about it.  Officially, the reason being buzzed is that Comcast’s purchase of NBC Universal resulted in the leave-taking.  He’s happy to be moving on.  But to what and where?  Dancing with the Stars?  Bristol Palin has improved so remarkably that she could be his professional albeit not political partner.

The CNN announcement of Obermann’s departure came cloaked in all of the musical and visual superlatives associated with a breaking news special report.  I dropped what I was doing expecting it to be word that Obama  had welcomed Christ to the White House to ask him to withdraw from the race for second coming position.  Organizing for Obama wants a heads up to order tee-shirts with “Organizing for Obama’s Second Coming.”

Meanwhile, there’s an empty slot at MSNBC.  Now would be the time for Bill Maher to become what he has always wanted to be, an analyst/newscaster/comic.   Actually, if you have ever seen him for over 10 minutes, his new job description would be more appropriately “comic analyst-newscaster.”  The world and he take him entirely too seriously. At no other time in the history of the English language have good words been strung together in such awkward, meaningless combinationas as at the hands of Shrill Maher.


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