Nasty Disconnect: Todd Palin’s Alleged Affair Will End Sarah’s Political Career

Posted on January 24, 2011

Google Todd Palin and Affair and you will find multiple articles concluding roughly this:

Accusations of infidelity are nothing to toy with and have prevented more than one hopeful for seeking a presidential seat. In the 2008 presidential election, two of the main Republicans speculated to run prior to the primaries, Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich, both carried the mark of adulterer, according to Washington Monthly, and neither rose above it. []

Stop the press!  We are not talking about Todd’s political career.  We are talking about Sarah’s.  In no way did Bill Clinton’s affair(s) hold Hillary back.  There is a nasty disconnect here.  Is Sarah Palin unique?

The media has had a field day attacking Palin from all angles and now carries their faulty reasoning into the theater of the absurd.  As of today, her delay in responding to the allegations that Todd has been unfaithful  is now being held against her.

Can we give this poor family a break?  It is well known that the pressures of celebrity, of a developmentally challenged youngster, and etc. are major causes of marital difficulties.  How the difficulties are handled are important, yes, but let’s be humane, shall we?  I think Newt and Rudi have far more to overcome and had better not take on the golden child of the Tea Party any more than they already have.

Time will answer just how well Palin is doing and it will unfold according to her timetable not that of the media.  That’s the observed Palin pattern.