Will Piers Morgan Be Out in 6 Months? Howard Stern Wonders.

Posted on January 24, 2011

The new Piers Morgan Tonight show on CNN in Larry King’s old slot was at it’s best last week with big, bad, Howard Stern in the guest chair.  It was two lofty egos on roll.  You haven’t lived until you  have heard Howard say slowly and with a pseudo Brit accent:  “Piers Morgan” and repeat it like a parrot.

The old Shock Jock leveled his sights at yet another Brit invader to our airwaves and said “you’ve got a lot to prove here.”  He came right out and said that it could all be over in 6 months.  Gotta love Howard.  AND he made the show a hit that night in spite of Morgan’s inability to relax and move his face.

Alas, Piers’ ego is not as attractive as that of Howard Stern.  The self-styled king of media has garnered a loving flock of followers because of his outrageous persona that yells “hey, it’s just me, Mrs. Stern’s little Howard, here with these nude women.  No offense.”

But Howard is also big city smooth and New York savvy into the mix.  Only he can reveal with a straight face along with New York verbiage that his head and pubic hair are still their natural colors but that Piers’ Pubic hair has some gray and carry it off in prime time. Why?  Because he has a way of  making it sound as if he has repeated a perfectly proper conversation between him and Piers that was a scientific query into their body parts.  Yes, it’s just more Mrs. Stern’s bad little boy stuff all wrapped up in a tall, slender attractive frame with a carefully coiffed mop.  He’s such a BAD boy and no doubt carries a sling shot in his jean’s pocket, the ammo in the pocket of his Armani jacket.

Post interview, Stern again mentioned the 6 month window Piers has in his new spot to make a go of it and then he teased that he himself could then step in and do better.  Right Howard.  You and the babes at CNN.  But then Howard is the Shock Jock and stranger things have happened.  Here’s the post CNN interview: