SOTUS MUST Demonstrate Obama Leads Cooperative Rescue of Economy

Posted on January 25, 2011

The State of the Union Speech spectacular is now being called “Date Night.”  The proposal that was made for Republicans and Democrats to sit together in a way that would encourage a more civilized tone in their discourse has been taken to heart.  One congresswoman even laughed and said she would love a wrist corsage.

A distraction?  Perhaps but once they hit that chamber, the mood will be mellowed and the principal, the President will prevail because he IS and MUST BE a leader.  We face deep and serious matters the likes of which this nation has not faced since the 1930s.  It is made worse by the fact that it is playing out against a changed landscape. There are so many more mouths to feed and no manufacturing base to truly allow us to climb permanently out of our hole.

We MUST see proposals that lead us out of this morass:

  • A service economy is just that – of service – subservient.  It is not a fit with a leading nation status.  We handed war-torn Europe the Marshall plan and they saved themselves.  The bailout and stimulus monies must now be viewed as cornerstone monies building toward a newly structured economy.  We deserve no less than this.
  • We therefore need to hear long-term proposals for restructuring the economy as well as stop-gap measures.  We cannot afford the stop-gap measures to continue past a few years.  It is like borrowing from a credit line – high interest over against a return that may not even cover it never mind knock down principal.
  • Whether this is or is not the Clinton 3rd term (and this writer thinks that it most assuredly is),  Obama needs to communicate that a degree of control over this economy will be possible with the new teams in place in the WH and furthered by the cooperation of the Democrats with Republicans in Congress.  
  • Obama needs to accept and encourage the reality behind the giddy prom night outcome:  That Democrats must work cooperatively with Republicans or this nation cannot survive.  It is just this serious. He needs to lead the effort at working together not just accept it.  Only then can true movement forward proceed.  Republican majority in the House is a reality.  This is a time in our history when we need to be driven by reality and not agendas.