DON’T DITCH Your Landline. Obama Plans Internet Kill Switch

Posted on January 28, 2011

Here at On My Watch, the fact the President would like legislation to enable him to have an internet kill switch is well-known [see this post].  You’ve see how well it works in Egypt.  Coming to a hot spot near you, a dead connection if there is social upheaval.

For so many ways, if you can afford it, keep your land line.  When the power goes out, it may work via its own lines.  And when the internet is knocked out for any reason, it will be there for you and phone and fax machine.

If you have a global business, there is a real need to keep up and running and with a land line, there is a greater chance of it.  We love our computers and androids but face it, they aren’t fun when, for whatever reason, the internet is down.