Turmoil in Africa and M.E.- Our Oil, Allies and Troops at Risk

Posted on January 28, 2011

Oil is not only for running cars and machines.  It is the basis for a number of products not the least of which are life-saving pharmaceuticals.  We have a lot at stake without it.

We cannot lose our close military cooperation with Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and of course Israel.  These countries are a bulwark against the rising nuclear power of Iran, the  growth of al Qaeda and the ever-present Taliban.  Most important, they help us protect our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  So when the media worries about Israel, worry about the United States.  Our economy and our well-being depend upon peace in that region.

Egypt has of course got the central transportation route in the region, the Suez Canal.  Its import cannot be underestimated.  With Yemen in turmoil, shipping is in a very sensitive situation.

It goes without saying that all of this can shove the US economy into a double dip depression.

We’ve been hit over the head about dealing with despots but when you need oil to feed your industries and your people, it isn’t that easy.  If we involve ourselves in the internal affairs of a country we are in trouble; if we cooperate with despots we are in trouble.  When we were on top, everyone wanted to take pot shots at us.  It comes with the territory but of late it has been deadly.