Historic Woodlands Being Sold in Britain. National Trust To the Rescue?

Posted on January 29, 2011

This is worth noting for those who not only know English history but who know Robin Hood lived in one of the famous woods of England, Sherwood Forest.

National Trust ready to ‘step in’ and save English woodlands

Biggest change in land ownership for more than 80 years described as ‘watershed moment in the history of the nation’

guardian.co.uk, Friday 28 January 2011 19.58 GMT

    Forest of Dean A protest sign in the Forest of Dean, one of the woodlands which may be affected by a government planned sell-off. Photograph: Tim Ireland/PAThe National Trust is poised to offer to take over or buy much of the state-owned English woodland which the government is planning to sell off.

    The initiative, says the trust’s director, Dame Fiona Reynolds, could protect in perpetuity not just large areas of “heritage” areas such as the Forest of Dean and the New Forest, but other woodland expected to be offered for sale to communities and commercial enterprises in the biggest change in land ownership for more than 80 years.

    “This is a watershed moment in the history of the nation. These much-cherished places have been in public hands for centuries, enjoyed by everyone for generation after generation. The future of these important national assets will be decided in a matter of weeks,” Reynolds told the Guardian.

    “For 116 years, the National Trust has helped to save the places the people of this country most value when their existence, or access to them, has been threatened. If the government is determined to pursue the course of action it has outlined and the public wish us to, we are ready to play our part in giving them a secure future. We are ready to step in.”  [Guardian]