Important Stories In the Shadow of the Egypt Crisis

Posted on January 30, 2011

Import of the Middle East to the story of mankind

Scientists find stone tools are between 100,000 and 125,000 years old in the United Arab Emirates

Early ancestors of modern humans may have left Africa far earlier than was previously thought.

A haul of stone tools unearthed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) suggests that pioneering groups of Homo sapiens arrived on the Arabian Peninsula as long as 125,000 years ago.

Until now, most evidence has pointed to an exodus 60,000 years ago along the Mediterranean Sea or Arabian coast.

Promise of clean, low cost fuel

Artificial petrol that costs 19p per litre could be on forecourts in as little as three years.

British scientists are refining the recipe for a hydrogen-based fuel that will run in existing cars and engines at the fraction of the cost of conventional petrol.

With hydrogen at its heart rather than carbon, it will not produce any harmful emissions when burnt, making it better for the environment, as well as easier on the wallet.

The first road tests are due next year and, if all goes well, the cut-price ‘petrol’ could be on sale in three to five years.
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An important health alert:

Poor treatment of abnormal heart rhythm puts patients’ lives at risk
23.11.2010, 09.00

Campaign calls for urgent action to improve patients’ health and reduce costs to national health systems

London, 23 November 2010 – The lives of thousands of patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) could be at risk due to poor diagnosis, failure to follow treatment guidelines and lack of quality information for patients suffering from this debilitating heart condition, warns a report  published today by the AF AWARE partnership. The report argues that poor diagnosis and treatment of AF may lead to increased risk of hospitalization, stroke and other cardiovascular complications, as well as to unnecessary costs to individuals and to healthcare systems in Europe.  These findings come at a time when experts are meeting in London to exchange insights about the effective management of AF, at the EuropeAF conference. The findings have prompted an urgent call from the AF AWARE partnership for European-wide improvements. [ITAR TASS]

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