Background Information on the Current Crisis in Egypt in News Analysis, Literature and Film.

Posted on February 1, 2011

Analysis and News of Current Crisis in Egypt –

  • See Mother Jones‘ site features a wealth of information both historical and contemporary about Egypt and its politics.
  • Recent article: “Who is Behind the Egyptian Revolution” – an overview of the factions in the body politic from the Guardian.
  • Recent article in Jordan Times, “Columinsts Split over Causes of Egypt Unrest“.
  • Recent article: Daily Finance, Internet Didn’t Cause the Riots: Why Egypt’s Web Shutdown Won’t Work.
  • Recent article: News. Joblessness Key Cause of Egyptian Unrest: ILO (International Labor Organization).
  • Recent article: How Banksters Helped Cause Egypt Revolt [progressive viewpoint – US]. Food prices as a cause for unrest – see revolt in Tunisia.
  • Recent article: Vatican Radio, Roots of Egyptian Revolt
  • Recent article: VOAAnalysts: Obama Has Political Stake In Egypt Crisis


  • about and from the Near and Middle East found here.
  • Selection of Arab films at among them a comedy that is thought to be one of the best examples of Egyptian cinema in the 1990s.  It has title variations on is Terrorism and Kebabs, Terrorism and Barbecue (Amazon), etc.
  • Arab Film Distribution


  • Modern Literature in the Near and Middle East Routledge/Soas Contemporary Politics and Culture in the Middle East Series) (Hardcover) by Robin Ostle (Author) see Amazon or your local library
  • Univeristy of Illinois – See list of fiction

One of the best ways to introduce a region and a culture is through fiction, while recognizing that to teach fiction always entails raising interesting questions about how lived experience and representation intersect. Below is a list of Arabic fiction in translation that might serve well in a high school classroom. This list was compiled by Marilyn Booth (Director, PSAMES, and Associate Professor of Comparative and World Literature). She welcomes comments or questions at

General Sources of Information.

NOTE:  This list is a work in progress.  It  will be updated when possible.  Suggestions welcome.