Many See Turkey as a Model Government for Egypt

Posted on February 1, 2011

It is thought in many quarters that Turkey’s form of democracy is a viable form of government for countries in the Near and Far East loosening the chains of dictatorship.

Ankara believes that the protests in Egypt can only be settled if Mubarak resigns from the political scene and a transition process can be launched. According to assessments, the resignation of Mubarak does not mean the protests will end. Even if Mubarak resigns, democratic elections should be held as soon as possible, the senior official says.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is likely to play a role in the upcoming political process of this country, according to a scenario if a new order is established following those protests. However, the important thing is on which constitutional and political grounds the Muslim Brotherhood will play this role, officials say. If this group imposes a regime similar to the previous one, the Muslim Brotherhood will not be able to get the support of the Egyptian people.

“It’s a common opinion that no country can be administered with an introverted, repressive regime anymore. It’s not possible to isolate a country from the things happening in the world,” the official said.

If the incidents in Egypt develop toward democracy, Ankara expects it will be strongly reflected in the Arab world, since Egypt is a model country for the region. Ankara excludes Saudi Arabia among those countries that could be affected, because this country has a different structure.

The official noted that the democracy in Turkey is perceived as a model in the region. Citing criticisms that Turkey does not give the region messages on democracy, the official said: “Sometimes countries can give messages without talking. The message of Turkey is itself. Turkey is the country that is most talked about in the region.” [See the entire article here]