BREAKING: Pro and Anti-Mubarak Forces Clash in Cairo. Police Involved

Posted on February 2, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 8:22 AM EST

In Cairo, well-organized pro-Mubarak forces (suspect Mubarak Security Forces among them) charged demonstrators in Tahrir Square.  Rocks are being thrown.  Camel and horse mounted pro-Mubarak police pulled from their mount s and the horses knocked down. Now pro-Mubarak forces have commandeered unarmed Army tanks and are chasing down anti-Mubarak forces. There are women and children in the thousands in the anti-Mubarak faction and youth are being beaten up.

It is increasingly evident that there is a crying need for a leader to emerge to take the anti-Mubarak efforts to the next level.  Ant-government forces want  Obama to repeat his most recent speech to the nation.  t has been popular with protesters.

Current conflict is all around the Museum. The army to date is  just standing by and only moving heavy equipment into place to separate the factions.

The CNN crew and Anderson Cooper were roughed up and now in relative safety of their hotel.

Watch al Jazeera live streaming coverage live at:

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