Actions of Egyptian Anti-Mubarak Protesters Mean Most Do Not Want Another Dictator

Posted on February 3, 2011

In a CNN video titled “How the US is Perceived in Egypt,” a young woman speaks eloquently to the issue of what the Egyptian people seem to want who are in the streets protesting.  Here it is difficult to make assumptions from what she has said but it would seem that a group like the Muslim Brotherhood would be seen as delivering a dictatorial rule.  Only time will tell.  Meanwhile, here is the video:

In another video, CNN visited a private club across the Nile from Tahrir Square.  Many had protested, many more wanted to, still others that were older blamed themselves for leaving their children this fight when they could have stood up earlier. Others worried that their homes would be invaded and looted and food stolen.

CNN labeled this video : Socialites fret… not a fair assessment.  It was upper class citizens concerns – people who are also active in the fight.  These grab you headlines can be deceiving.  The majority at the club were not socialites in the “fret” category.

The uprising in Cairo cuts across class and religion.

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