News Roundup on Egyptian Crisis, Articles on Causes and Word of Anderson Cooper for 2/4/2011

Posted on February 4, 2011

Links to articles discussing some of the alleged causes of the current crisis in Egypt have been updated under the post titled

Background Information on the Current Crisis in Egypt in News Analysis, Literature and Film.

The articles are  listed under the first category on the page.

Not listed were articles from questionable sources that declared the Pope was responsible or President Obama.  You may wish to google them under “causes of the Egyptian crisis” (and vary the wording)  and check them out yourself. SamHenry has not been listed as a cause.  Runs around declaring loudly, I nowhere NEAR Cairo.

SamHenry’s semi=satirical post on Anderson Cooper,

CNN’s Anderson Cooper is in Egypt. America Worries. His Mother Worries

has proved to be prophetic. The first day he and his crew ventured out into Tahrir Square, he was attacked and punched 10 times in the head (he counted them).  They retreated to their hotel.  Reporters were attacked representing other news organizations world-wide.

The first “clue” that reporters were not welcome in Egypt came with the closing of the al Jazeera Cairo bureau by the Mubarak government. Now it is completely dangerous for members of the press to be there.  Anderson Cooper was attacked the second day he and his crew went abroad in Cairo to track down stories.  How many times will they put themselves at risk?

Anderson has been interviewed after each attack.  He now realizes that HE is the story.  How many people will die trying to rescue  him and hi s crew?  Gloria [Vanderbilt Cooper], call your son and tell him to come  home, please.Use a disposable cell phone.  Anderson has made it clear that he has to watch his comments and broadcasting for fear his location will be revealed.

News organizations are beginning to assess the films of the camel and horseback charge in Tahrir Square Wednesday.  They are looking at the timing for the attack both in terms of the point in the history of the protest and the time it occurred that Wednesday, the direction from which they came and how the government troops reacted, etc.

Fareed Zakaria, Professor Ajami and other scholars on air and in print have concluded that, barring an unforeseen event, the government that will follow Mubarak will be primarily secular but with a larger Muslim representation in Parliament and possibly in the ruling administration.  Why?  Because of the long history of a secular army and judiciary.  These are currently the pillars of the government.

According to reports last night, the US came very close to having convinced Mubarak to step down yesterday.  Those reports proved false and Mubarak remains steadfast in his position.

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