Protecting Uncontacted Jungle Tribes – SamHenry Joins the Effort

Posted on February 4, 2011

Here is one of  the beautiful videos that give us insight into the lives of an undiscovered tribe in the  jungle near the Peru-Brazil border. They are threatened by logging.  The only way to save them was to film them and thus expose them to the unknown actions of others. There will, of course, be a race to see who will upload the faces of the tribesmen onto Facebook.

Peaceful wasn’t it.They stand awestruck as the plane filming them flies overhead.  A part of us envies their existence.  Imagine living and not knowing what we now know….

Now let’s move on to a video of  a newly discovered member of the known tribes of mankind recently discovered on YouTube.

My plan is to set up a video player and monitor in the jungle next to the tribe and let it run automatically.  By these means, they will be so terrified they will never venture from their village again.  They will also see that this member of our tribe has a news segment on them.

Happy Super Bowl to the followers of both “tribes” playing.  I’ll be hiding in the jungle.