In The Global Image Marketplace, Charlie Sheen Trashes America

Posted on February 5, 2011

Which ultimately has more power:  the antics of a Hollywood star or the actions of the leader of a country?  Although our leader has produced a lot of bad press for us, probably Charlie Sheen is more powerful in images like this of a man ravaged by drugs:

Few can accept he has an illness, only that he is selfish.

On his wildly popular sit com, Two and 1/2 Men, it now appears that Charlie is the 1/2 man.  He is not only ruining his life, he has put those of everyone who works for this production on hold.

The nightmare will not soon end. He has hit rock bottom after binging and partying and ruining his health, yet he will not seek the structured  institutionalized care he needs but does outpatient at his home under  his conditions.

The image of America is suffering because he is one of the prominent images people look to to see what makes Americans tick.  How can we talk of values and of the benefit of the freedoms we enjoy under our Constitution?

One Charlie Sheen image can obliterate headlines for thousands of others who do good in America.   Our detractors point to citizens like this who well-illustrate the impoverishment of our laws and promises of freedom.  It is “Constitutional” abuse.  At a time when people are dying in the streets of Cairo for freedom, Charlie Sheen is a dictator’s dream of an example of freedoms wasted.